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Local Business Marketing

Local Search

Local search marketing is when search results for a local company show up above results for national companies. This is how local businesses give themselves an edge over other companies. It is a proven fact that when performing an Internet search on a particular topic, people will click on the first search result on the list before they bother with any others.

When Internet users search for a business in Google, along with the website results Google shows a small map of the location of any local business that comes up as a search result. This means that local businesses have to have an entirely different strategy than national companies do in order to get those in their area to shop at their business.

Due to the fact that most people now access the Internet through a mobile device rather than a computer, the way in which local businesses and their customers find each other is vastly different than it was before the advent of Internet enabled smartphones. Studies have been conducted that have definitely proved mobile users are more likely to purchase a product from a company they found through a search using their mobile device. A good example of this is that if a person is searching for restaurants on their smartphone, it is usually because they are looking for a place to eat at in right away. Local search allows people to find the name, location, phone number and website for a restaurant near them, making it more likely they will patronize that restaurant. Most companies see the value of building a website that can easily be viewed on a mobile phone as opposed to an actual computer. This is particularly valuable to small, local businesses people may not know about otherwise.

People often perform a local search when looking for a service such as plumbing or air conditioner repair. When a user searches for a service based on city or zip code, they are more likely to give their business to a local company rather than a national one.

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