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Local Business Marketing

Get Local

When searching for a product or service in a particular city or town, you’re using local search.

If you search for ‘paint colors’ you are probably just searching for some paint color ideas. If you search ‘painter Birmingham’, you are searching for a painting contractor in Birmingham, and the person you find has already set up local search for their business.

Another way local search works.

Search engines can also tell where you are based on your device’s IP address. So if you’re located in Columbus, and you search for ‘painter’ without using the word Columbus, you can still get local painters in your area.

Local search and mobile devices

Computers are not the only way people search online. Wireless devices like mobile phones and tablets are becoming a more popular method for accessing the Internet. This is especially true when people are on-the-go looking for products or services.

The Internet is massive. Search engines like Google and Bing cover 92% of all local search. These search engines make it very easy for people to find what they are looking for, especially when it comes to local markets.